Mauricio Pochettino says owners are trying to “develop a different project” in more worrying comments

Mauricio Pochettino has once again made an effort in his public comments to get fans onside and convince them that the new ownership are a positive for the club.

He claimed they have “good intentions” and are “suffering” with the rest of the supporters through these dark times.

Once again, he repeated his favourite mantra to drill it into Chelsea fans that they’re not a team which is going to be competing in the Champions League much anymore. The expectations are different, the levels are different.

“I’m going to support the owners. They arrived in a very difficult situation. They’re trying to develop a different project. Fans need to understand it’s a new project. What we can’t say is they’re not investing and that they don’t have good intentions. They are suffering.”

We don’t want to hear it, but he’s right. We’re now in such a major financial hole that only selling players can get us out. The squad isn’t about to get suddenly stronger – it may in fact get weaker for a while if we’re to avoid punishment.

So whether Pochettino thinks they have good intentions or not, their actions have been reckless.

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