“Other way Chelsea can make money” – Insider provides Chelsea stadium plan updates

An insider has provided some insights into Chelsea’s stadium plans and how this will be another key way for the club to make money down the line in order to stay within rules and guidelines.

The plans for Chelsea to redevelop Stamford Bridge or move away to a new site has been hard to get details on with updates very few and far between, but it seems like things are happening behind the scenes.

That is according to insider Ben Jacobs, who wrote all about it in his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea column for SPTC today.

Jacobs has been speaking about how the ‘other way Chelsea can make money’ is via non-player sales revenue. And in the long term, the project is planning for a renovated Stamford Bridge or a new stadium. This will not only generate more matchday income, and improve fan engagement, but attract non-football revenue.

But it’s not straightforward.

Jacobs said: “Unlike Manchester United, who have land right behind the Stretford End that they can utilise, Chelsea has no easy solution. Renovating Stamford Bridge stand-by-stand is time consuming compared to a new build. Plus, once you do this, constant tweaks are often necessarily meaning it isn’t always that cost effective. But this option certainly hasn’t been taken off the table.

“Knocking down Stamford Bridge and rebuilding on the site will allow for a more modern stadium, but ‘space’ is still an issue and Chelsea would need a temporary home, potentially for four seasons.”


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