Palmer picks up assist despite another quiet display

Cole Palmer had another one of those days today.

Sometimes he’s brilliant, sometimes he’s pretty quiet. But even on the days when he’s not as his best, he delivers.

There have been more of those off days than good one recently, but that hasn’t stopped him making vital contributions.

Today he missed the chance that might have won Chelsea the game but in the 83rd minute he at least got the assist which earned us the draw with a superb cross.

It did the job, but we really need Cole firing for 90 minutes again. We’re not surprised if he’s a little burned out as he comes to the end of his first ever season as a starter.

He was still making things happen today, but the game got quite congested and quite physical in the second half, which didn’t suit him much.

Perhaps if the rest of the team racked up goals and assists like him, there wouldn’t be as much onus on him to win us every game.

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  1. For the criticism of Jackson not taking his chances, Palmer was the one most profligate in front of goal. Two really good chances that didn’t really test the keeper. I’m still a fan, but it just goes to show that one player (Palmer) enjoys a tremendous benefit of the doubt, whereas Jackson receives next to none.

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