“People don’t want to listen” – Pochettino unhappy with ‘confused’ Chelsea critics

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has snapped back at his and his team’s critics lately after he saw his side beat Newcastle United 3-2 at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League last night.

There has been a bit of a battle of late between Pochettino, the media, and the Chelsea fan base, a fan base with the majority actually wanting to see the manager sacked many weeks ago now.

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It is a divide that has just got bigger, and Pochettino’s words in public and failure to create a connection with the fan base, has only saw his demise get worse and worse.

Still, it was a good win last night and the pressure would have eased on the head coach. The fans would have certainly enjoyed that win.

However, Pochettino still decided to once again repeat what he always says about this Chelsea project, claiming that people are not listening to him.

Asked if tonight felt like a big win after some recent pressure,Pochettino told reporters last night: “I think we need to understand we are in Chelsea and of course when you are in a project that is completely different, some people can be confused. When people don’t want to listen, it is difficult, but we are trying to explain that we are in a different Chelsea, building something different and of course it is going to be tough.”

Well Poch, people ARE listening, but you are just missing the point unfortunately. We all know it’s a project, but we all still want to see more progression than being sat in 11th place in mid-March. It’s as simple as that, we are not stupid and you should really stop insulting our intelligence with comments like this.

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  1. It has to be said… the fan base are collectively a bunch of idiots. I’m not saying all the supporters are idiots, but this is definitely a case where the “wisdom of crowds” adage does not hold!

    Instead, what we see time and again from the most vocal members of the fan base is an impatience bordering on mass hysteria. Poch is understandably exasperated. He rightly views the current squad as a “project”—meaning this young group of players needs time to mature into a perennial winner—but the fans, in their infantile impatience, utterly refuse to accept anything less than “win now.”

    The fact that so many supporters want to see Poch sacked “yesterday,” with no apparent awareness that the winningest clubs of the past decade (City and Liverpool) have thrived BECAUSE of their managerial stability—their commitment to a long-term “project”—just goes to show how short-sighted and unintelligent the fan base are. Unfortunately, rather than providing thoughtful cogent and fair-minded analysis, Chelsea News too frequently panders to this portion of the fan base.

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