Pochettino: Chelsea fans are not going to love another coach more than me

Mauricio Pochettino has claimed that Chelsea fans will not love another coach more than him, although context is certainly needed with this quote!

It seems that right now whenever Pochettino opens his mouth in public he does more damage than good, with many Chelsea fans against him now and wanting him sacked.

Sources: Victor Osimhen to Chelsea latest details and who the ‘one to watch’ striker now is on Chelsea’s list!

I believe in more embargoed quotes from Friday’s press conference for the Newcastle United game tonight, Pochettino has been speaking about the project at Chelsea and how it is different from any other Chelsea we have seen before now and how we all must be patient etc, etc, etc, etc…….. (you get the point).

He says that fans need to understand the situation Chelsea are in right now. And much to the dismay of many current Chelsea fans, Pochettino also claims that he would never quit Chelsea!

In words cited by The Evening Standard, The Blues boss said: “Today is a different project. It’s a different Chelsea. If you are going to judge us analysing the situation comparing it with the past of Chelsea, for sure, no one is going to succeed. The fans are not going to love another coach any more [than me]. It’s a new project, and people need to understand.

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