Pochettino happy with “important” point from Brentford game

Mauricio Pochettino’s attempts to convince Chelsea fans that one point today was a good result isn’t going down well.

The manager is getting himself in deeper and deeper troubles with every passing press conference. He currently has to complete an impossible trio – lowering expectations by explaining the tough situation he’s in; keeping fans happy by keeping standards high; and defending those above him in the sporting structure.

It’s an impossible balance to keep – you can’t say that results are not good, enough, but understandable, but not your fault, but also not your superiors’ fault.

“One point is important for the team, in six days we have had three games and therefore it is massive,” he told the BBC for Match of the Day.

At the moment it’s the fans getting annoyed. Pochettino saying that a point against Brentford is “important” is never going to be acceptable. He’s only trying to keep the mood good, of course, but that positivity has worn thin – results are the only thing that will turn the mood around.

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  1. Let the fans be annoyed, lol! Most are idiots who are just looking for an excuse to vent their spleen anyway. SuperFrank actually gets a lot right about Poch’s predicament, and yet, rather than recognize and respect the job he’s doing in shepherding this young group, SuperFrank takes nearly every opportunity to lambast him. To what end?

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