Pochettino want fans to change their expectations – fans want Pochettino to change his standards

It’s always interesting to get the opinions of the top Chelsea correspondents on things at the club. On the one hand they see everything up close and personal like the fans, but they have a degree of objectivity and separation from the subject matter than most supporters lack.

Liam Twomey’s piece on the comedy FA Cup tie at Stamford Bridge yesterday is a great example, and at the end he summed up the problems in terms of disconnect at the club so nicely.

On a day where the fans booed Raheem Sterling and told the manager he doesn’t know what he’s doing as he made subs, Mauricio Pochettino defended his side’s record as they reached Wembley for a second time this season.

Pochettino constantly talks about the fans being realistic and changing their expectations; while the fans want him to change results to match their expectations.

“We want to create a better atmosphere, I cannot lie,” the Argentinian said of his relationship with the supporters.

“It is hard to see that happening when the perspective of Chelsea’s players and staff is so fundamentally different to that of the supporters. For most of this century, getting to Wembley has been viewed as a means to an end, not the end itself. Pochettino’s claim that an FA Cup semi-final appearance should constitute a feather in the cap is unlikely to play well,” was how Twomey put it, and that encapsulates the dissonance between supporters and those working for the club right now pretty well.

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