Premier League investigation into Chelsea spending could bring house of cards down on Marina

Former Chelsea chief executive Marina Granovskaia has not worked at the club since Roman Abramovich sold up in 2022, but her name is deeply involved with stories about secret payments during Abramovich’s ownership of the club, and it seems that the investigation is getting pretty close to home.

An exclusive in the Guardian today claims that she benefitted personally from some of the payments made withing the complex network of shell companies used to run Chelsea under Abramovich, and any Premier League investigation into our spending during that period could lead to her being called to answer questions about the nature of some of these payments.

For starters, the club appear to have lent her money to buy a house, and that’s just the start. The Guardian’s piece lists a ream of dodgy sounding deals.

The investigation from the league will be focused on illegal payments allegedly made to agents and intermediaries – but there’s no telling who could be affected by a collapsing house of cards. The new ownership has shown it is willing to comply totally with any investigation, and the cover of a few people could end up being blown.

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  1. Can it come as any surprise that a Russian oligarch engaged in shady business dealings, lol?

    We’re not talking about a guy who amassed his fortune off of a clever invention a la Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Elon Musk. This guy was one of a handful of “kleptocrats” who seized previously state-owned assets in the free-for-all that ensued after the disintegration of the USSR. In a time period that was defined by its lawlessness within Russia, Abramovich emerged as a top dog BECAUSE HE DIDN’T PLAY BY THE RULES! So it can’t come as any surprise if he played it fast and loose in the running of his football club.

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