Sponsorship deal mysteriously disappears from Chelsea’s website

The release of Chelsea’s latest financial records has made it clear that the club is going to have to make very serious changes – and even that might not be enough to stop them breaking spending rules.

The very same statement insisted that the club are not worried about meeting their commitments, but they’re sailing close to the wind, and need every source of income they can find.

That’s what makes it even more strange that Matt Law has dug up the interesting info that the club’s sponsorship deal with Oman Air has been terminated.

The airline no longer appears on the “club partners” section of the website. They only signed on back in July, and it was announced as a “multi year deal.” So it’s all rather odd, and the last thing Chelsea need as they look to scrape together every last penny ahead of the summer accounting deadlines which are set to dominate the news once the actual football stops.

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