Sterling apology sets the stage for heart-warming end of season redemption story

We sympathise with those who booed Raheem Sterling on Sunday, we really do. It was an insanely frustrating game for Chelsea fans, and they have to take it out somehow.

As we’ve written before, the negative reaction from the crowd was just as much aimed at the manager for keeping him on as it was for Sterling himself.

Some would argue he didn’t even play that badly, and that a terrible penalty and even worse free kick are being unfairly used to paint it as a horror show.

Seeing Sterling’s reaction on social media makes us feel even more ashamed he got any abuse at all. He posted an apology for the penalty miss on his Instagram and vowed to  “keep fighting for the badge every single day.”

We still think Mauricio Pochettino is going to rely on him a lot in the closing stages of the season, and that means plenty of chances for a nice redemption story.

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