The comedy name Tuchel gave Boehly to his face means the coach is never coming back

This week saw some very hopeful rumours bubbling up in Chelsea land, focused on – the chatter about a potential Thomas Tuchel return to Chelsea.

We had to break it to our readers gently – this is never going to happen. Tuchel is a spiky chap, and these owners want someone with quite the opposite style in charge. Neither side is going to climb down and get back into bed with the other.

That has been strongly reinforced by some words from Caughtoffside’s Daily Briefing, this time featuring top German insider Christian Falk.

He told a story that illustrates just why Tuchel is never coming home:

“My colleague Tobias Altschäffl shared a rumour in the current episode of my podcast “Bayern Insider” that Tuchel referred to the American as “Ted Lasso” during an emotional discussion. Lasso is the hero of the American comedy series of the same name, which has many fans. Whether Boehly found the comparison funny is at least doubtful.”

As funny as that is, you can see why it was a red line for Boehly. Powerful American private equity men are not known for their sense of humour.

Perhaps that’s the much rumoured reason that Boehly pulled the trigger so shockingly early?


  1. Tuchel is a peevish idiot. Any manager worth his salt wouldn’t have made such a dumb remark and burned a bridge (since you never know when the management carousel might see you wanting to return to an old club.

  2. So what????????????? It would appear that the Yank deserves every thing slung at him, considering how he has destroyed the club that was world champs three years ago. THE CLUB IS BIGGER THAN ANY PLAYER, OR OWNER. SO GET OVER IT, AND BRING BACK THE ONLY COACH TO BRING THE TOP TROPHY TO THE BRIDGE, THEN LET HIM GET ON WITH THE JOB UNHINDERED.

    1. Truly let him come back to Chelsea tuchel was a good coach I wonder why this man sacked him is the man who bring trophy at Stamford bridge blue landan…

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