“The objective is done” – Mauricio Pochettino starts defensive press conference by listing his achivements

Mauricio Pochettino used the first question in his press conference to lay out his stall for the rest of the event, making his feelings clear: yes his team had made it hard for themselves by giving away soft goals, but they had gone through, and were going to play at Wembley in a second competition this season.

“We are going to Wembley, and the objective [of getting there] is done again. For a second time. First was the Carabao Cup, we were in the final And now we are again in the FA Cup, in the semi final going to Wembley a second time. We hope it will be three [by reaching the FA Cup final]. It’s massive to get the chance to fight for a title twice in one season.”

He was defiant and didn’t leave anyone in doubt that he thinks getting this group to two domestic cup finals is worth more credit than he gets from fans and people in the media.

Today we saw both the best and worst of his team, but there’s no denying we’ve got the job done in both cups this season. It was quite refreshing to see him show a little spikiness. The problem as we see it is that most of the credit for getting to a cup final is washed away when you perform as poorly as Chelsea did in their last one.

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  1. My God! SuperFrank, will you PLEASE desist with the incessant negativity?! Honestly, it’s your lot who are part of the problem at this club! Poch has taken us to a cup final in less than 8 months and you begrudge him ANY credit. It’s insane that you fancy yourself a “supporter” of Chelsea FC when most of what you express day in and day out toward it is contempt and loathing.

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