The reason why agents say current Chelsea players are living in fear

Chelsea’s current players are living in fear at the moment, that is according to a report citing an agent of a current Chelsea player today.

Chelsea’s season so far has been very up and down and although they have now made Wembley twice and are one game away from reaching two domestic finals this season, they still only sit in 11th place in the Premier League as we approach the end of March. That isn’t ever going to be good enough for a club like Chelsea, regardless of the situations.

EXCLUSIVE! Chelsea add new Premier League full back to transfer shortlist. Also, a promising French left back has joined the same list!

The fans will also always demand more, and it is because of the fans that current players are apparently living in fear.

After witnessing a number of players at Chelsea get booed by fans lately, with Raheem Sterling being the one on the receiving end on Sunday, they are fearing that they might be the next one to receive the hate from fans.

The Telegraph have the report and they claim that the boos have left players and their representatives fearing they might be the club’s next Public Enemy No.1.

“The players know,” one agent said. “They hear it and pick up on it. They might say they can ignore it or block it out, but it has an impact.”

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  1. In over 50years of watching Chelsea i have never seen a team or individule players be so inconsistant they from the sublime to ridiculass to me the manager is to blame for most of turmoil which might explain why poch has never won anything of note, his reaction to g. nevill coments to backing of players playing terrible ( Jackson and sterling )baffles most supporters, he is just not good enough to manage Chelsea

    1. You totally lost me when you put Jackson and “terrible” in the same sentence, lol! After Palmer, he’s been our most consistent performer this season and the stats back it up. But that’s the problem with this fan base. There’s a “groupthink” mentality among the so-called “supporters” that’s set in around the manager and the players and it’s a mindset that’s totally immune to any evidence to the contrary!

      Jackson is a prime example of this. Yes, his goal haul is below his xG (meaning he’s had a few bad misses), BUT his xG is elite and, even after the misses, his non-penalty goals STILL rank him among the best #9s not named Haaland or Kane! There’s no denying that he’s been highly productive. Indeed, he’s on pace to match or exceed Drogba’s total from his first season at the club and yet the supporters have all convinced themselves he’s a failure! It’s the most idiotic case of an entire fan base apparently sharing a single brain I think I’ve ever witnessed.

      And as for the inconsistency, it’s not on Poch and it’s not even on the players—it is the definition of youth. Inconsistency has to be expected when you’ve got a team of 20, 21, 22, and 23-year olds. You can rant against it all you want, but what you should be doing is taking it in stride and measuring the team’s and the manager’s performance on whether they grow more consistent over time. He’s had these guys for barely 8 months and yet the fan base are so impatient that they act like they should be winning titles already. That’s an infantile expectation!

      The biggest problem at Chelsea is that, unlike City, Liverpool and (now) Arsenal, we’ve never committed to a manager and his vision. It’s been nearly 50 years since we had a manager as long as Klopp or Pep have been at their clubs and the revolving managerial door at Stamford Bridge has come at a high cost in terms of dysfunction. Everyone wants to point the finger at the new owners, but ask yourselves this: When’s the last time we truly challenged for a league title? Too many years too count! And it had everything to do with the last owner sacking the manager every 18 months and, as a result, following a totally disjointed transfer policy that saw us saddled with a squad of ill-fitting parts on HUGE wages. Let’s face it, Ambramovich had run the club into the ground and Tuchel winning the UCL was more a stroke of luck that papered over the dysfunction than an indication that Chelsea were on the upswing. No, we’d been surpassed long ago by clubs, in City and Liverpool, who had the patience and vision to build dynasties while we flailed about spraying wads of cash just to try and claim 3rd!

      I don’t like sitting 11th anymore than the next guy, but I can see what the owners and the manager are trying to build and I support it. I’m in it for the long haul because this group has the potential to become a dynasty and put us back in real competition with City, Liverpool, and Arsenal for the next decade. I’m OK if we’re not winning everything right now because I see the payoff in the long-run is more than worth the suffering in the short-term. Whine and moan about it if you like, but just know that your ranting and raving is hurting—not helping—this team.

  2. Is this what the fans want—to create an environment in which these young players live in such fear that they can’t express themselves and grow as footballers on the pitch?

    It’s a completely understandable reaction from the players and it’s utterly moronic and self-defeating behaviour on the part of so-called “supporters.” When will it end? At some point no footballer in the world is going to want to come to Stamford Bridge and subject themselves to such a toxic environment. When will the fan base wake up and realize that they are now a major part of the barrier to the club returning to winning ways?! At no point in the history of sport has booing or hurling insults at your own side ever spurred them on to greater success, but this fan base don’t seem to have gotten the memo, they seem to regard it as their birthright to abuse their players, manager and owners and without any self-awareness that IT’S NOT HELPING ANYTHING OR ANYONE!

    This is why I say: These fans don’t deserve a winner. If you can’t stand by your club—and that means every player who dons the badge—even when things aren’t going well, then you don’t deserve to enjoy the glory when they finally come good. They’re the ones on stage, taking risks and leaving their blood, sweat and tears on every blade of grass—not you! If the result is the only thing that matters to you and you can’t respect the effort and passion of the players in its own right then you’ve well and truly missed the point of sport and can do us all a favour by just staying HOME!

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