“They haven’t breached Financial Fair Play” – Chelsea’s tightrope act explained by TalkSport pundit

Simon Jordan understands FFP very well, so when he was asked to explain on TalkSport by Graeme Souness why Nottingham Forest and Everton have been charged with breaches while Chelsea have not, his answer was simple – they haven’t broken the rules.

The period those two clubs are being punished for cover the years 20-21, 21-22 and 22-23. And it’s a rolling window. So they’re not saying that Chelsea are not going to get in trouble in the future, but the fact that we’ve not been charged so far shows that we’ve not broken the rules in that period – and even if we’re on course to break the rules in 23-24, a quick flurry of sales before the end of June can yet save us.

The amount of spending we made in the last few years will make complying very hard, but any claim we’re going to get in trouble is nothing more than a prediction, and will remain so until the deadline hits.

His explanation at the start of this clip does a great job for those still unsure about what’s going on:

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