Three managers mentioned by top Chelsea insider to replace Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea career continues to be questioned and the pressure continues to be on him to produce results.

Seemingly, the majority of the Chelsea fan base are against Pochettino and have failed to create a connection with the former Tottenham manager.

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It looks to me like it is a case of being no way back for him now at Chelsea and the two will part ways in the summer at the latest. That is just my opinion of course, and anything could happen between now and the summer.

Pochettino could still turn things around of course, but it very much does seem like he is on borrowed time now.

Chelsea will naturally be looking at potential new managers to replace him, whether that is now, the summer, or after that. If an interim comes in, Chelsea insider Ben Jacobs believes that there are three potential names that could come to the forefront.

He writes on GIVEMSPORT: ‘Hansi Flick and Julen Lopetegui could be looked at, and even 46-year-old Eddie Howe should he leave Newcastle.’

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