Top sources disagree with what Chelsea are claiming on situation once again

You will often see reports such as the below during this current reign of Chelsea ownership, and to be honest, it’s all rather odd.

Chelsea are once again claiming something different to what top sources are being told, and it’s again just leaving fans wondering what on earth to believe, and who is lying.

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Yesterday it was reported that Chelsea have reached an agreement with Brentford for set-piece guru Bernardo Cueva to join the club next season. They are setting up a new set-piece department and identified Cueva to take a senior role in it.

The Telegraph report ‌that Chelsea claim manager Mauricio Pochettino has been involved in the process of creating a set-piece department, despite sources stating otherwise and the Argentine dismissing the importance of specialists last month.

So, was he involved or not? And who is telling us the truth here? We will never know, but this happens a lot and it’s so frustrating for the fanbase.

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  1. Chelsea News routinely report on what seems to be some pretty thinly sourced material. I mean isn’t it common journalistic practice to require confirmation by a second, independent source? I’d be astonished if that is what’s happening on most of these “stories” and I’d be very interested if someone were to go back over, say, the last six months (or year) and actually tally the number of these reports that proved true. It sure feels like most of them turn out to be vicious rumours that get everyone all spun up but that, ultimately, turn out to be half-baked or just outright false. Do a forensic accounting and prove me wrong, but implying that the ownership have a track record of lying just doesn’t seem to be borne out by the facts. To the contrary, the fan base seem to have a real penchant for believing what gossip posing as “news” and then getting ridiculously emotional when said “news” turns out the gossip is [gasp!] less than true.

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