(Video): “It was the third game in six days” – Pochettino’s reasons why Chelsea didn’t win – despite deserving it

Mauricio Pochettino has been speaking to the media about Chelsea’s draw with Brentford today.

His chosen excuse for why his team couldn’t beat a side sinking like a stone in the league was that his side were tired by their recent fixture list:

“It was the third game in six days.” he pointed out.

Brentford were well rested and did look the the fresher team. They like a physical game and they made this match just how they liked it.

But despite being knackered, he thought his team did deserve three points. He points to the chances they created in the 90 minutes.

You can see the coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Any business run by Pochettino would go bankrupt. 60% of possession in the oppositions half, not ones own helping the opposition by overworking the defence, and underworking the attackers., is boring and embarassing. Its not a kindergarten school. To get megabucks a player must put in the hours. Theres managers with their noses in the air that win, and embarassed ones with vacant looks that lose. Players that dont make themselves accessible, and backward pass, get them out or get them right. We need a manager giving us a higher possession rate in the oppositions half at all cost. Nothings impossibe if you work on it.

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