(Video): BBC pundits agree Chelsea goalkeeper needs more blame for own goal blunder

On the commentary of Axel Disasi’s horror own goal today, everyone was in agreement it was entirely the defender’s fault.

But on BBC Sport’s post match coverage, Dion Dublin didn’t want to leave goalkeeper Robert Sanchez out of the equation. He pointed out that he was in a pretty strange position, and Gary Lineker chimed in to agree.

In the end the majority of the blame has to be on Disasi, but there’s no denying Sanchez hardly helped. The Spaniard made other nervy errors in the game, and it’s still crazy to think that Mauricio Pochettino started him.

You can see their discussion in the clip embedded here:


  1. The ball seemed to bound up a little and Disasi misjudged it, managing to slice it pretty badly. So, that’s on him, but Sanchez has plenty to answer for even before you question his positioning on that play. There were a couple of times where Sanchez just looked way too nonchalant with the ball at his feet and was lucky not have the ball taken off of him. Not sure that we can win the cup with him between the sticks and we certainly don’t need to see him taking the field anytime soon in league play. He may be more accurate than Petrovic with his long distribution (let’s face it, Petrovic’s is pretty poor), but you can’t have your GK making costly errors with the ball at his feet.

  2. If they cut down on the amount of back passes and stopped trying to play it out from the back, a ridiculous tactic that causes panic and more often than not results in the goalkeeper, whoever it is, either punting it upfield or kicking it into touch, then the goalkeeper would not have to see so much of the ball. The fans can see that it don’t work,why can’t the coach and the players?

  3. We lost a champions league because of Mendy doing the same thing. Yesterday Sanchez was strolling in the park and it was 90% his fault. Not that Disasi is innocent – he made a similar error against Leeds and they scored. Disasi against Leicester passed the ball to Caicedo who was tightly marked and could n’t control.

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