(Video): Chelsea fan calls for return of a legendary manager – but it’s a terrible idea

Rory Jennings was on TalkSport today, and he’s clearly had it up to here with Mauricio Pochettino. He was even calling for Jose Mourinho to come back as manager.

Now we know that it’s Rory’s job to say things for attention and clicks, but we can’t believe he really thinks this.

Not only is Mourinho a bit of a busted flush as a coach, it would also threaten to further undermine his legendary status at Chelsea if it doesn’t work out. His abrasive style is hardly going to get the best out of this timid young group of players either.

You can see Rory make his point in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Sorry, but Rory is a certifiable idiot. There are statements a pundit can make in order to stir controversy and you kind of look on as a fan and roll your eyes. But there are others that make you say, “That’s a bridge too far. I’m not wasting another second listening to ANYThING this guy has to say because he’s just insulting my intelligence.” THIS is one of the latter moments, lol! B-bye, Rory. Got no time for another word you have to say!

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