(Video): Former Premier League owner mocks Chelsea fans for trying to take a stand and help their club

Simon Jordan used to own Crystal Palace, so he tends to take the ownership side in the endless debates on TalkSport when fans and the people who bought their clubs fall out.

So you can imagine his tone when he was presented with the letter the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust sent to the Clearlake Consortium about the current state of the club. He had a great time mocking those fans for trying to help their club.

We know he’s only on air in the first place because he’s so compellingly repulsive, but this is a new low even for him. He’s right, a letter to the ownership isn’t going to do much, but it’s a natural first step, and the whole points of the CST is to coordinate things like this.

You can see his rant in the clip embedded here:

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  1. How exactly are they trying to “help” their club??? By going to war with the owner? By regularly showering their manager and players in derision?

    These fans deserve to be mocked, lol! They’re the most unsupportive “supporters” in the Premier League at the moment and, if SuperFrank (who tends to be their chief mouthpiece and apologist on Chelsea News) is any indication, they appear to have lost all sense of proportion or shame. There comes a point where no amount of fandom can excuse poor behaviour and you know you’ve lost touch with basic human decency when you’re ridiculing your owner for (allegedly) picking his nose!

    So, yeah, the Chelsea fan base deserve to be mocked until or unless they decide to stop behaving like idiots.

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