(Video): Iconic Enzo Fernandez celebration already feels an age away

Chelsea’s season is both moving painfully slowly, and rushing by at the same time.

The goal of the month competition for February has been released, and it features Enzo’s stunning free kick against Aston Villa in our FA Cup replay.

On the back of rumours that he wanted to leave, the midfielder celebrated by taking his shirt off to show everyone he wasn’t going anywhere. It already feels an age ago – although it was only less than a month ago.

You can see the strike in the clip embedded here:

Does it feel an age ago to you too?

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  1. It only feels like an age ago to you if you’re taking the incredibly nearsighted view that the only important thing is the latest result. That’s just a ridiculously impoverished outlook — especially if what you’ve got is a very young squad with lots to learn. Thank goodness we have a manager with a healthier mindset!

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