(Video): Sky pundits misunderstands Chelsea fans’ calls for Mourinho

When things are going badly at Chelsea – and we’ve seen plenty of that in the last couple of years – the fans tend to chant for their old favourite, Jose Mourinho.

On Sky Sports, Stephen Warnock claimed that Blues fans need to “move on,” but that misses the point really.

Most of those fans don’t really want Jose back, they just want a team that plays like the ones Jose managed – full of spirit and fight. Much like Roman Abramovich, whose name was also sung, it’s a protest against what’s there now, not necessarily a direct call for the people in question.

You can see their discussion in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Making excuses for the fans but showing the manager and the players no mercy??? Sure, that makes perfect sense, lol! Maybe they should learn to chant what they really mean instead of requiring an interpreter hahaha!

    Seems to me they don’t know what they want except to whine like spoiled brats when their team doesn’t win. I don’t like losing anymore than the next guy, but at least I have the maturity to understand that Poch needs time to get this young group whipped into shape. The impatience from the Chelsea fan base has been a problem for a long time and it’s frankly hurting the club when it leads to near constant managerial churn. When you spew nonsensical invective that requires an interpreter to parse then perhaps it’s you — not the players, not the manager and not the owners — who are the problem!

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