(Video): “What a question…” – Chelsea manager left without answers after journalist cuts to the heart of club’s nightmare

Neil Barnett always asks the tough questions in these Chelsea pressers, and today he asked one which left poor Mauricio Pochettino without an answer.

The reported asked if these young Chelsea players, at a crucial stage of development in their career, could all fall short of reaching their

Of course Pochettino can’t say yes, otherwise it directly puts the blame on those above him.

He can’t say no either, that would make it his fault they’re not up to it. It left him in a very awkward position which revealed a lot.

You can see the question and the lack of response in the clip embedded here:

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  1. SuperFrank obviously never studied logic, lol! If any of these players fall short of reaching superstardom it does not follow that it’s automatically Poch’s fault. Surely the players themselves bear at least a majority of the responsibility, for goodness sake!

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