“We kill ourselves” – Cole Palmer unhappy with “comfortable” Chelsea

Cole Palmer has done his absolute best to save this Chelsea season, time and again. Today was no exception. He stepped up twice to score goals to put his team ahead, yet in the end was not on the wining team.

Speaking after the game, the midfielder revealed his frustration about what he’d seen on the pitch to Sky Sports’ journalists in the flash interview.

“It’s poor, it can’t happen. Especially when they go down to ten men. We got too comfortable. Same story, we kill ourselves every week. It’s got to improve from us as players.,” the midfielder said.

“I think it’s our consistency all around the pitch, being alive and not switching off like we did today. We seriously have to do some consistency if we want to do something,” he continued.

We couldn’t agree more. The way we concede so soon after scoring stinks of complacency and a bad attitude. To concede a free header from a defensive set piece when you have an extra man on the pitch is unforgivable too.

It’s actually quite magnanimous of Palmer to make the blame collective when he knows (as we all do) that he’s playing well enough to be in a Champions League team, let alone scraping around trying to reach mid table.

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    ,,,, silly buggers

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