“We will see…” – Mauricio Pochettino’s worrying words on injured star

Christopher Nkunku’s first season at Chelsea has been one of utter woe.

It doesn’t really matter what happens from here, the whole thing can’t be anything other than a disaster at this point.

After shining in preseason he got a serious injury just before the start of the season, and he’s not ever really been able to recover since.

Twice he’s returned, and twice he’s picked up new injuries which all seem to relate back to his original problem.

We were stunned to hear that he had hurt himself in Sunday’s Carabao Cup final, and we finally got a little more detail from Pochettino today about the latest issue – which sounds like it’s going to be a month out even in the best circumstances.

He gave his thoughts in the paragraph you can see here:

“He suffered a problem in his hamstring and then we will see in a few weeks if he is available. Now he is doing recovery from Sunday. Unlucky, bad luck because to suffer again another injury is tough for a player that didn’t play too much during the season and also came from the Bundesliga, from Germany, with some problems.”

It’s a real blow to the team in attack, although let’s be honest, Pochettino had yet to find a way to fit Nkunku in with Nicolas Jackson and Cole Palmer, so it’s not as big a blow as it was in preseason when we lost him the first time, having built the whole team around him.

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