Fabrizio Romano gives update on Chelsea’s interest level in striker with 17 goals in 29 games this season

Some players move to the Premier League and are making an appearance on Match of the Day before you’ve ever heard of them. Others go the other way – they are linked with a big move to the top flight year after year until eventually, by the time it happens, it feels like they’ve already been playing in the Prem for years.

That’s how we feel about Jonathan David. We’ve had so many consecutive transfer windows in a row linking him to a big move that it already feels weird he hasn’t had a season or two at Newcastle or Aston Villa.

But now his contract is starting to wind down, it looks like it may finally happen. Chelsea are being linked consistently, and today Fabrizio Romano unleashed an update in his Caught Offside column which explained more.

A long awaited move

He’s not convinced, let’s put it that way. His words quite firmly put David behind a few other options in our ranking for this summer:

“Another Chelsea story that I wouldn’t read too much into at the moment involves links with Lille striker Jonathan David. I’m aware there has been speculation about the Canadian forward being on Chelsea’s radar, but also being of interest to Napoli as a potential replacement for Victor Osimhen,” the insider wrote.

“I have no confirmation about Napoli negotiations at this stage. Of course many clubs appreciate David so I’m sure he will be one to watch this summer with one year left on his contract, but Napoli have not decided their main target as striker yet. It’s the same for Chelsea – there is no concrete update on my side.”

But the key thing with David is his price. Much as with Nicolas Jackson, it may well end up that we go for a cheaper option rather than gambling on an attempt to sign a top tier but very expensive striker. We got burned with Romelu Lukaku, and that it is clearly still affecting decision making.

There’s also a very possible scenario where our top options like Ivan Toney and  Victor Osimhen go elsewhere, and we’re left looking down the list more closely at David as the summer wears on.

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