(Video): Chelsea’s bravest player claims his team are trying despite fans’ doubts

Inevitably, Conor Gallagher was the Chelsea player who fronted up and faced the media after the game tonight.

It’s painful to watch really. Conor is one of the few players who can honestly say he’s not let the team down, and always gives his best in games. Here he had to address the sign from a kid in the stands which lamented the fact that the players weren’t fighting for the shirt. It was awkward. It’s not Conor’s fault.

The whole situation is what’s ridiculous.

Back in the day you’d have an international captain (picked from a wide selection in the dressing room) stepping up to face the flames. Here you’ve got a 23 year old with limited experience having to speak for the team.

This incredible catastrophe is on the people who created this situation, not those living it out.

You can see the midfielder speaking in the clip embedded here:

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