£30m striker could be so tempting that Chelsea change their model

Sky Germany reporter Florian Plettenberg has branched out from just Bundesliga rumours. These days, he’s got links all over, and today it’s very much a Premier League affair.

The insider has the eyebrow raising claim that Brentford could accept as little as £30m “all-in” for striker Ivan Toney this summer, with his price plummeting as he heads towards the end of his contract, and especially following a disappointing return to Premier League action following his betting ban.

This is just 6 months after figures of double that were being quoted for the striker.

Plettenberg says “many clubs” are interested, with Chelsea and Arsenal both name checked specifically. But are we really in the race? Is Toney really the type of player, and a big enough upgrade, to be worth it?

The exception to the rule?

What’s made a Toney move feel unlikely thus  far is simply that he doesn’t really fit into the model we’re currently going for. The focus has been on very young players, and a 28 year old Toney whose value is only likely to drop as he enters his 30s does not fit with that at all.

But rules are made to be broken, and when a bargain price like this comes around you’d have to assume (and hope) that it’s being considered. This team has struggled desperately from a lack of experience, and adding a veteran Premier League goalscorer to the mix might be hugely useful.

It seems we will soon know just how religiously the sporting directors intend to stick to their plan.


  1. It’s not a “bargain” if he’s not scoring goals, lol!

    It only makes sense to acquire a striker who is going to be an unambiguous step up from Nicolas Jackson. Since Jackson has shown he’s an excellent creator of chances (for both himself and teammates) and his inconsistent finishing (which could still improve given his age) is all that’s really been lacking, we should only be in the market for a proven, elite finisher. Anything else is just a waste of money because, despite the moans from the supporters, the data show that Jackson is actually well-above-average compared to the bulk of the #9s out there. Put another way, any fee we pay is to buy us that marginal bit of quality over Jackson’s production and it’s actually only a relative few players who can do that. Toney WAS one—pre-suspension—but it’s not at all clear that he can/will reclaim that form.

  2. I think cfc have to remix the squad.Sometime,you don’t get all you need in just a season or two season.But a longtime plan that will bring the club up to a level where the club can be attractive ro big player signings,since majority of the big players would like to sign for clubs with championship league opportunity. This Ivan can still score plenty goals,forget the little break from his ban.It is going to be a blessing for cfc,I can bet it.To bring a top striker now will cost cfc much more than if we are first to four on the table

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