A ‘deal has now been reached’ for Chelsea to appoint their next manager this summer

A deal has now been reached for Chelsea to appoint their next manager this summer, according to a report that surfaced last night.

Those of you who are desperate for Chelsea to sack Mauricio Pochettino as soon as possible though, may want to read on…

Sources: Chelsea’s new manager plans and Pochettino stance – Contact has been made this week!?

That is because this report is regarding the Chelsea Women’s team and Emma Hayes being replaced when she leaves this summer to become the next manager of the Women’s USA national team!

Even still, this is a hugely important decision for Chelsea as a club, and it’s crucial that they get the right person in to replace Hayes. But let’s be honest, she is irreplaceable and has been an incredible manager and stalwart for the club for many years. Emma Hayes IS Chelsea.

According to The Telegraph, a deal has now been reached for Sonia Bompastor to be the next manager of Chelsea. She’ll make the big switch from Lyon this summer along with her trusted assistant Camille Abily.


  1. So all your publications is Chelsea to sack Mauricio?
    How can he win with those enexperince players who plays as if nothing is at stake.
    Confront the board who only aim is to sign players for the future. How can you buy averagely 19 years players and expect to win the EPL? Go and tell them to go for experince players.
    Thank you

  2. Talk about shameless clickbait. Clearly teasing a change with the men’s team only to throw a curveball. Really pretty pathetic. No journalistic integrity whatsoever. And the women’s team deserve better than to be used in this way.

  3. Simon, totally misleading headline to draw people in because they think it’s about Pochettino. Rubbish journalists like you should be banned.

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