BBC pundit says Chelsea content this week was a “sad video to watch”

One pundit who works for the BBC has labelled some Chelsea content that came out yesterday as being “a sad video to watch.”

It’s only Tuesday, but the biggest news of this week in the footballing world has certainly involved Chelsea this week.

Sources: Chelsea make contact with reps of new striker as deal for the summer progresses! 

The story of course is that football legend Thiago Silva has announced that he is leaving Chelsea at the end of this season. And although it doesn’t sound like he is planning to retire from playing the game just yet, ending his Chelsea career of four years was a huge moment and a very sad moment for Blues fans.

It was a sad moment for former Arsenal and England striker Ian Wright too, apparently!

When Chelsea announced that the Brazilian is going to leave, the player himself posted an emotional video to the fans and Ian Wright described it as ‘very sad’, as he told Premier League Productions (29/04/24 at 2:45 pm).

“A very sad video to watch,” said Wright.

“He was very emotional and it’s a tough one because there does come a time in your career, and he is what 39, when you start to feel this is winding out and I feel it. That day is coming and that has, obviously, happened to him.

“Him announcing it, it’s very emotional because he knew it was coming and now he has to put it out there. What was really quite sad to watch was how he couldn’t control the fact that he has accepted it in himself, and you see him in tears. It is sad. It’s sad to see because a great career is winding down.”

Chelsea will now have to work hard to replace the presence, leadership, and influence of Silva, which is going to be a very tough ask. One thing’s for sure, and that is they need to replace him with a proven experienced player.

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