Chelsea “absolutely adamant” in denying “talks” with rumoured target

As we predicted earlier today when a whole fuss was kicked up about Ruben Amorim, people have got overexcited by a dodgy report.

Pedro Sepulveda launched a thousand Tweets when he claimed earlier today that it had been the Blues and not West Ham who paid for Amorim’s flight to London last week. The whole this is admittedly very curious – he was strongly linked with the Liverpool job, then suddenly fell out of favour there, then before we knew it was apparently meeting with the Hammers, despite having previously seemed like one of the hottest managerial targets on the market.

But almost as quickly as those rumours appeared, they were shot down. Matt Law is a much better connected journalist at Chelsea, and it didn’t take him long to report back from sources we would imagine are far more trustworthy.

Law says that Chelsea are “absolutely adamant” that they had nothing to do with Amorim’s flight, nor had they met with him.

Now of course they would say this… but in reality we have faith that they would just keep quiet if in fact they had met Amorim. In any case, the chances of it leaking to Sepulveda and not any of the bigger name insiders seems very unlikely, even if he is more focused on Portugal.

In any case, we will soon find out what the truth of it all was… meanwhile Amorim is in Portugal trying to wrap up the league title after this embarrassing incident.

We’ve heard for months now a consistent line that Mauricio Pochettino is going to be judged at the end of the season, and while the club will certainly be keeping tabs on possible available managers, there’s no way they’re going to meet with them at this critical stage and risk undermining his authority.

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