Top source names Chelsea and Barcelona as contenders for £59.9m midfield powerhouse

Catalan paper Sport are very well connected with Barcelona, and when they go deep on a transfer story, it’s worth listening to.

Today their focus is on Amadou Onana, the Everton midfielder who they report is a top target for the Blaugrana. We can see why – he’s shown in his Premier League appearances so far that he’s got all the tools to be a top player, and we can see him fitting in to most teams.

Sport write that the two clubs have already been in contact, with the continental giants asking what the Toffees would want for their Belgian gem. Their plan is to try and include player in part exchange to generate a discount on the move.

Chelsea are listed as Barcelona’s top opposition in this battle. This isn’t the first time we’ve been named in connection with interest. The Blues are apparently going to put their “millions on the table” to avoid interference from other clubs. That seems a little sensationalist – we all know Chelsea aren’t in a position to do that. But we would well believe we’re interested given Onana’s profile.

An interesting battle

Chelsea vs. Barcelona used to be a top tier Champions League clash between two of the strongest sides in Europe. It’s interesting to see how far both have fallen, in large part down to economic reasons. Thankfully Chelsea haven’t got themselves into as sticky a situation as their old rivals did, but both now exist in a new reality with their hands tied by financial realities.

It’s easy to see why both would be interested in Onana, but the €70m (£59.95m) that Everton apparently want for him is going to be hard for either party to afford at full price. Of course, the amusing twist in all this is that Everton have their own FFP issues, and need to sell. Rather than a bidding war, we might get a waiting game here.

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