“Chelsea are monitoring” – The ultimate transfer for many Blues fans isn’t impossible

The talk about Jamal Musiala potentially leaving Bayern Munich is only growing as the weeks pass. What seemed like an unlikely pipe dream 6 months ago is gradually creeping towards reality as his contract ticks down.

Jacob Steinberg’s piece in the Guardian today is all about that situation. There are still two years left on the 21 year old’s current deal, and Bayern are still in the driver’s seat, but everybody knows that in 6 months time, the balance of power starts to shift in the player’s favour.

Chelsea are not in a position to sign him right now. As Steinberg writes, Manchester City are “front of the queue,” but he takes care to note that “Chelsea are monitoring the situation.”

That’s the only crumb we need to start to get a little excited. Who knows where we could be in a year or two?

The ultimate signing

Ask most Chelsea fans who their ultimate signing would be, and Musiala’s name would come up a lot.

There are a few reasons for that – for one, he’s among the most talented young players in world football. That’s enough for some people on its own. But there are other factors too. The fact he came through the academy at Cobham but never got a chance in the first team adds a strong narrative element to it – there’s a sense that it’s destiny, and also that we were a little cheated in not seeing him in Blue before.

Plus, there’s the simple fact that as well as being a brilliant player and a former Chelsea boy, he’s also just electric to watch. A true entertainer, who dribbles between players and rides challenges like he’s made of rubber. If you want the real heir to Gianfranco Zola and Eden Hazard… well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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