Chelsea biggest problem is not the elephant in room, it’s been obvious for ages

A couple of reports that have come out this week are centring around what many believe to be Chelsea’s biggest problem right now, and Saturday’s FA Cup exit only highlighted it again.

Both The Athletic and The Daily Mirror have reports out this week saying similar things, and it is something that has been obvious for ages in my opinion, and also the opinion of MANY others.

Sources: Manager names on Chelsea’s shortlist to replace Mauricio Pochettino revealed!

Chelsea do not have a proper number 9 with the real profile of a complete centre forward, and most importantly, one who can bang goals in for fun and knows where the net is.

Nicolas Jackson is good, and he’s shown some good signs, but he is not really the profile of a true number 9 and also, he misses way too many chances in front of goal right now and does not have that natural confidence in the box. That is what Chelsea are badly missing and have been missing for a long time, and the fact he missed some huge easy chances on Saturday against City, chances that should have absolutely won Chelsea the game, really does just bring this issue to the forefront once again.

The Athletic say Nicolas Jackson has shown promise but needs someone to at least share the burden of leading the line. But Chelsea need to resolve this issue. Chelsea’s struggles at Wembley epitomise the problem. Their last goal there was scored by Mason Mount in the FA Cup semi-final two years ago. Chelsea have played there for 344 minutes since without finding the net.

And The Daily Mirror say Chelsea planned to sign a forward in the summer unless a current player was able to establish they could carry the burden, or a collection of players could contribute to an elite level. That question would appear to remain unanswered.

But it doesn’t remain unanswered, does it? Because the answer is to sign a new striker, ASAP!

Although, Chelsea don’t mind Jackson’s missed chances, apparently…..

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