Chelsea board member confirms club take “step towards ensuring the long-term financial sustainability”

A Chelsea board member has been speaking today and it’s good news in terms of the club’s long-term financial sustainability, according to the man himself.

As reported below by Ben Jacobs, Chelsea’s ownership group, named BlueCo, have completed the acquisition of the Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions site next to Stamford Bridge.

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Chelsea’s COO Jason Gannon had this to say: “We appreciate the opportunity to work with Stoll throughout a competitive tender process and we are pleased to help ensure those veterans that wish to remain inside the Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham will be able to do so. Our thanks go to both Stoll and the local council, whose leadership has been essential to the process.”

Whilst this doesn’t guarantee Chelsea staying at Stamford Bridge, but it does increase the viability of an expansion as it addresses one of the key issues with the site.

We will have to wait and see exactly what all of this means for Chelsea’s stadium plans and whether they will now try and stay and expand on the current site, or whether they will continue to look at other sites to move to as well.


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