Chelsea board unhappy with Mauricio Pochettino being too soft with his players

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino is being far too soft with his players according to the Chelsea board, per a report today.

The Blues lost 5-0 to Arsenal on Tuesday night and even though they were all collectively terrible, Pochettino refused to speak the actual truth and criticise his players. He also claimed that the result and performance was NOT embarrassing. No idea how he reached that conclusion.

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Some honesty would be great, and it seems like some at Chelsea want that as well. That is at least according to The Evening Standard.

The report states there is a feeling among some at Chelsea that Pochettino has been too soft on his some of their inconsistent players and that a tougher approach is needed.

I’d say that’s a bit of an understatement too, the man is molly coddling the players. I understand protecting a group of young players, but there needs to be more balance between that, honesty, and providing them with tough love. Pochettino is not doing that, and as well as this, he is driving a massive wedge between himself and the Chelsea fan base. The sooner the owners see this and act on it the better, it’s all getting far too toxic and they are seemingly now just relying on still getting Europa League this season. Even if they do, this season has been very poor and changes need to be made from top to bottom – the manager and the recruitment team. It’s a collective mess and they all need to be blamed.

Pochettino’s tactics are also terrible and he is setting his team up to leak goals with the open style of play, and he never seems to have a plan b, it’s just complete chaos ball.

Anyone out there still trying to defend Pochettino, or the recruitment team for this lame squad build, then I have no words.

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