Chelsea catch strays from Jurgen Klopp as boss cracks up following Liverpool defeat

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team tonight lost 2-0 to Everton in his final Merseyside derby. Their season is really falling apart.

As we’ve seen before, he likes to lash out when he’s suffering, and Chelsea are one of his favourites targets. Earlier this season it was his speech on the pitch where he mocked us for signing Moises Caicedo. Tonight it was a classic deflection, with the Reds boss looking to distract from his latest disappointment by noting that Chelsea had taken a far worse beating just 24 hours before.

“It is difficult to ignore the Arsenal game from last night. We were aware of it as well. I watched five minutes and thought that was enough,” the coach said in quotes picked up by Football.London. Five minutes was all it took for Leandro Trossard to open the scoring last night, if you’d forgotten.

Of course he’s talking about Arsenal’s quality, and his realisation that Liverpool would have to be perfect to stay with them, but it’s also a dig at Mauricio Pochettino’s team – not that they didn’t deserve one, having embarrassed themselves by losing 5-0 to the Gunners and playing with a lack of belief that you rarely if ever see in a Klopp team.

We’ve always struggle to hate Klopp because he represented exciting football and standing up to the big boys of Bayern Munich and then Man City. But comments like this are exactly why he’ll always have a justified group of major haters.

Those haters are having a very fun month. Liverpool’s glorious farewell quadruple has disintegrated in the space of a few weeks, and Klopp has blown up on multiple occasions along the way, raising resentment right at the last.

What a shame that Chelsea handed them the Carabao Cup – not that that really sweetens a bitter ending for Klopp.

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  1. Klopp’s a quality manager, but he’s always had a petty streak. It’s unbecoming and hardly worth reporting as “news.”

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