Chelsea fans start a hashtag in protest towards the club owners recruitment

Chelsea fans have started their own protest via social media in the last couple of days in a protest towards the club operations and how they are currently running things.

Many fans are frustrated by the amount of money that has been spent on the squad, yet they still only sit in 9th place in the Premier League table, which will never be accepted at a club like Chelsea.

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The concern seems to be on some of the players being signed either not being good enough, or being too young and raw and not ready for the here and now.

Chelsea fans have made their voices heard at recent games chanting towards the owners, and now they are making their voices heard online too.

The hashtag, as reported below, is directed at the ownership and the sporting directors. They want Chelsea to change their recruitment model already, and you can see why.

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  1. Wanting your team to win is understandable. Feeling frustrated when they don’t is natural. But when that frustration is channeled into a deluge of near constant vitriol it becomes really destructive.

    Many of the fans simply don’t understand what a “rebuild” is and that, once you’ve committed to youth, it takes a couple of years to see that investment start to pay dividends. There’s an infantile impatience at work here that’s got Chelsea fans ready to eat their young and it threatens to undermine the whole project. #saynotocannibalism

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