Chelsea fans will have to support a huge Liverpool comeback if they want to play in Europe next year

We’ve reached the “supercomputer calculations” part of the season, with numbers being run all over to figure out the most likely outcomes for many teams.

Stats company OPTA’s latest numbers claim that Chelsea’s latest stumble in the league has reduced their chances of finishing 7th to 23.6%, with an 8th place finish now favourite at 25.3%. We’re not sure how any computer, no matter how super, can take into account some of the farcical scenes this team has produced this season, but we’re not the experts.

Where we end up

Sadly for us, 8th does look most likely. You don’t have to be a supercomputer to see that. And 8th may or may not mean a place in the Europa Conference League for us.

A few weeks ago that looked likely, but a terrible week for English teams in Europe has massively swung the odds against us. Serie A now is in pole position to get the 5th Champions League spot which we would need in order to pump the Conference League spot down to 8th.

Ironically, many teams would rather avoid the Conference League altogether. It’s a distraction from your attempts in the league to get back into the Champions League.

But after a year without any European football at all we’re craving it. It also allows teams to use a lot of their younger players, and we certainly have a plethora of youth desperate for a bit of European experience.

So let’s hope Liverpool turn it around against Atalanta and both Man City and Arsenal go through. Or that we can just make it to 7th, although we have little faith in that…

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