Chelsea have doubts over sacking Pochettino for the most ridiculous reason

It’s hilarious how things change. Just over 24 hours ago briefs were coming out all over the place preparing Chelsea fans for the idea that Mauricio Pochettino was going nowhere.

All it took was one humiliating defeat to Arsenal to throw his future back into question – and there are a number of hard games still to come. Amusingly the very same journalists who were exclusively reporting a day ago that his job is safe are now coming up with reasons that he might not get sacked. One of them is too mad to even believe –  it’s been pointed out that Pochettino is managing the World XI at Soccer Aid this summer, which takes place on the 9th of June at Stamford Bridge.

The idea is that it would simply be too awkward to sack our manager then have him return to the stadium a few weeks later for a charity game.

It certainly would be awkward – but that sort of thing shouldn’t play any role whatsoever in the decision we make over whether to stick or twist. That should be based entirely on the footballing merits of the decision, but unfortunately this ownership are not taking decisions based just on football.

A cruel reality

We’d love to say this is totally ridiculous and that there’s no way this could be true, but in fact we can’t rule anything out given the record of this ownership.

In fact, given their record so far and given the financial nightmare we’re in – plus their stated commitment to improving the club on the “business” side, this is exactly the sort of non-football based decision we can imagine them making.

Still, if things really go to hell in these last 6 games, we don’t think even the awkwardness of a reunion June will be able to stop them getting rid of Pochettino.

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