Chelsea “inquired” about top young manager now set to join Premier League rivals, according to major insider

Chelsea still don’t seem to know whether they’re going to stick with Mauricio Pochettino this summer, but one thing is now clear – one of the best options to replace him is now off the table.

After a weekend of rumours rumbling from the continent that Liverpool had decided on Ruben Amorim as their Jurgen Klopp successor, things have really accelerated in the last 24 hours, and this morning top German insider Florian Plettenberg has Tweeted the big breaking news that there’s an “agreement in principle” between the Reds and the Sporting Club de Portugal manager.

It seems as though they were giving him some space while he prepared for the derby against Benfica on Sunday night, which Sporting duly won, setting Amorim up for a second league title in 4 years in Portugal. With that out of the way, things are moving fast on his future.

Plettenberg’s angle is more to do with Bayern Munich – he says that Amorim was on their shortlist but without any negotiations having actually taken place.

Chelsea on the other hand “have inquired about him.” It seems like the strong possibility that Pochettino could leave at the end of this season meant we were much more seriously involved in preliminary talks than Bayern ever were.

Sadly, as we’re about to find out with a whole load of players this summer, our current situation and the way our current project is set up is not going to be as effective at attracting up and coming arrivals as we used to be.

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  1. What manager in their right mind would want to come to a club that sacks their manager every 8 months?! Honestly, SuperFrank, you write, with no apparent sense of irony, about Chelsea not being able to attract an upcoming manager when you spend MOST OF YOUR TIME complaining about whoever the present manager is and how he ought to be sacked. Do you think the atmosphere the supporters create around the club HELPS when their pitchforks are constantly being brandished does anything but hurt the club??? I realize it must generate a lot of “clicks” or you’d stop doing it, but, honestly, how do you square the non-stop criticism with this “poor us—someone has gone and ruined our football club and now no one wants to manage it” routine? Isn’t it more than a little disingenuous (or, at the very least, totally self-unaware)?

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