Chelsea player says that his values are “Gladiatorial Soldier” in latest interview

One current Chelsea player has described himself as ‘Gladiatorial’ and says that he is a ‘soldier’ in his latest interview on the club website today.

The quotes come out of an interview with the matchday programme for tonight’s game against Everton, with snippets provided early on the website.

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Axel Disasi describes his ‘gladiatorial’ approach to football in the pulled quotes, and he says that he wants people to watch him so they can see this side of him.

The centre back says he feels strongly about delivering what is expected of him by the fans and by himself every time he goes out onto the pitch.

‘I’m someone who does my thing and I don’t look back or forward, I just live day by day and I just want to do what people expect of me,’ he says.

‘I just want that when people watch me, they see someone who is not afraid to give everything. I’m gladiatorial and that’s how I have built my life and my career. Those are my values. Gladiatorial. Soldier. It’s like this that I built my life and my career and I think that will stay with me all my life, because they are values that I had since I was young.’

The France international also speaks about his admiration for Cole Palmer’s cool head, and then discusses the need to match that characteristic with a touch of fire, something he brings to the pitch in abundance.

‘When you see that Cole can be ice, I would say that I’m more the fire. To be like this, I think it puts an energy into the team and around the stadium also – the fans. I think they like to have this kind of reaction, so I think it’s good to be like this because you can show to the other players that you are feeling the game, that you really live the game.

‘Other players can receive this feeling from you, and then do the same things. So, with this, maybe I can bring two or three players on fire and the more we are like this, the better.

‘It’s the same thing for Cole. He is cold, as we call him, and maybe he can bring this quality to other players around him at the right moments, and then we can find a good balance. Because we need some ice and some heat also, so we can create big things.’

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