Chelsea risk dressing room backlash if Pochettino sacked, exclusive reveals

An exclusive put out just moments ago from the Daily Mail has further information on Mauricio Pochettino’s tenuous hold on the Chelsea job.

Kieran Gill’s piece exclusively claims that the club would “run the risk of a dressing room backlash” if they sack the manager now.

It certainly backs up what we’ve heard from players all season, and from the general vibes we pick up at the club. They do really like this coach, certainly more than some others. The way he assiduously defends them even when they’re clearly at fault will go a long way towards helping that. Last night’s heavy defeat was a perfect example.

Pochettino’s man-management skills at the training ground are also noted as an important factor, with the source saying it’s “appreciated” by the squad, who are under immense external pressure.

Gill goes on to add what all the other briefs about Pochettino’s future over the last few days have said – it will all be decided in a rather ominous “summer review” once the season is over.

You can’t win with overpaid players (literally and metaphorically)

Players, eh! One year they’re revolting because they don’t like the manager, the next they’re threatening to revolt if the coach is sacked because they do like the manager. Maybe they should help him out for once by putting in a shift on the field? It’s just a thought.

Anyway, it is a small relief that this group seem to actually like their boss and want to play for him. It would be better if that showed up more on the pitch, of course.

Perhaps those remaining in the dressing room who have been through the full rollercoaster of Thomas Tuchel, Graham Potter, Frank Lampard then Mauricio Pochettino are starting to realise that a revolving door helps nobody – including them.

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  1. You can’t build continuity within in a squad or consistency of results on the pitch if you are constantly sacking the manager. As bad as the Arsenal result stings, it would be a gross overreaction to sack Poch over it, particularly if the squad are unified behind him.

    I think it will be very telling how this group responds at the weekend. Because, if they truly are 100% behind Poch, then they need to come out and fight for his job (if not for their own pride and the badge). If they fail to rebound in a big way then these reports of a backlash look suspect and Poch’s job security truly does become tenuous.

  2. If their is anyone to be sacked, it is the bunch of jokers buying kindergarten players like Jackson who could not make the first team of Senegal during AFCON.

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