“Different kind of mentality” – Chelsea legend explains what you need to play for the club

Chelsea have had some absolute warriors play at this club over recent times, and it is no coincidence that their biggest and best warriors have played in some of their most successful teams.

To be a top player and get your name in the history books at the club, you really need to be a mentality monster to give yourself the best chance of doing that. Chelsea have had some ultimate mentality monsters over time.

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One of them was Ashley Cole, who has gone down as a Chelsea legend.

A lot of the debate this season surrounding Chelsea and why they are not doing so well, is that the players lack confidence and strong mentalities. They lack leaders and warriors.

The Chelsea team that Cole played in, certainly didn’t lack any of that, far from it, and Cole was one of the biggest leaders and warriors in that side.

The current Chelsea team would do well to take the advice and read the latest comments from Cole, in an exclusive interview with TNT Sports.

Cole says he was angrier when he joined Chelsea, and that is what would have elevated him to the very top.

The newly added Premier League hall of famer said: “At Chelsea, I had a different kind of mentality. I was angrier when I went there. I played with more anger. I wanted to win, it was all about winning. My magic moment was winning the Champions League.”

This is it in a nutshell, if you want to come and play for Chelsea you have to be a natural born winner, you have to get angry, you have to be mentally strong, you have to play with anger. Cole has summed it up brilliantly and these quotes should be placed on the walls at Cobham and at Stamford Bridge as a motivator for the current crop if they really want to wear the badge and make it here.

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