Exclusive claims Chelsea owners will decide Pochettino’s future based on Amazon’s Arsenal documentary, plus the team’s underlying data

Ben Jacobs’ exclusive column for our writer Simon Phillips last night had some really interesting stuff in it about the future of Mauricio Pochettino.

The Chelsea coach at times felt like he was on the verge of a sacking at Stamford Bridge, but in the end battled back and now seems in a better position. Jacobs says there’s a “strong chance” that we will stick with him until next season, and notes that the owners will have more than results on their mind when making the decision:

“The owners will also be looking at data, including expected points and big chances created (and sadly missed) as well as the league form in the second-half of the season,” Jacobs writes.

Amusingly, it also notes that the owners watched the Arsenal Amazon documentary, and are using that as their template:

“It’s understood Chelsea’s owners have seen Arsenal’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary as well. And they are aware of the pressure Mikel Arteta was under in his first season, and how loved he is now… they feel Pochettino can follow a similar path.”

Moving in the right direction

We’re almost certain at this stage that Pochettino will keep the job, barring anything spectacular happening in these final weeks. The club want stability and Pochettino is providing it, even in difficult circumstances.

Making it to the League Cup final and the FA Cup semi give him a decent claim in terms of results, especially if we creep into the top 6 in the league. Even without that, the prospect of sacking him is so expensive and uncomfortable that it feels certain he’s given the summer and the start of next season to build on his progress.

If they are indeed going to look at data – and Jacobs would know, given his connections at the club – that will only help Pochettino’s case. For all that he’s been (quite rightly) mocked for telling people his team should be fourth by various metrics, he’s not lying about what the numbers say.

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