Exclusive reveals how Chelsea player has “disappointed” coaching staff and could leave to make room for premium signing this summer

Earlier today, Football Insider published an exclusive which claimed that Chelsea were hot on the heels of Athletic Bilbao winger Nico Williams, and were hoping to secure a deal for him ahead of the summer, when other teams will attempt to muscle in.

But there’s a problem with this – Chelsea already have more wingers than they can use, plus they have a well established gaping hole in their finances that will stop them signing anyone until it’s sorted. But Football Insider have an answer to that too, published in their follow-up this afternoon. Chelsea will sell Raheem Sterling to raise funds for Williams.

It’s almost as though they thought through the logic of their own transfer rumour, spotted the issue, and then came up with another exclusive to plug the gap…

Big sale could clear squad space

They say that a “well placed source” told them that Pochettino and his staff are “disappointed” with Sterling’s performances, and that has made them happy to sell him if they can. Of course their opinion only counts for a small fraction of the overall decision in the grand scheme of our sporting structure.

That’s all well and good. But the problem is that we will need a big offer for Sterling to make a sale work, plus we will need Sterling himself to accept a move. That won’t be easy given he’s on huge money with us, and is unlikely to get similar offers elsewhere.

So unless Saudi Arabia return as our guardian angels once again, Nico Williams could end up being a pipe dream…

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  1. Who among us isn’t disappointed with Sterling???

    He’s been inconsistent, and not just in his finishing but in his effort. This is inexcusable in a young side that’s starved for veteran leadership. Given his seniority and his career accomplishments you’d expect him to be a candidate for the captain’s armband and it’s very telling that there’s never been even a whiff of him donning it. Together with his lack of production (and, all too often, his selfishness) in front of goal, we have every reason to sell him and get his massive wages off our books. The only question is: Who, besides Saudi Arabia, will want him?”

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