Exclusive update on “concrete offers” is bad news for Chelsea who need decisive transfer

The season is almost over, and soon talk will return to what’s going on in the transfer market.

But before Chelsea fans get too excited, they need to appreciate that nothing will be coming in without major sales. In fact, we need sales to pay for the players we’ve already bought, let alone new ones.

So on that front, the future of Romelu Lukaku once again becomes a major talking point. After another year on loan, he returns to the club as one of the major assets they can sell off to balance the books. But once again, interest looks limited.

CaughtOffside’s exclusive from transfer insider Matteo Moretto is pretty negative about our chances of shifting Lukaku anywhere anytime soon:

“He has a situation to be resolved between Roma and Chelsea, the two sides will have to sit down at the end of the season, and discuss his future,” the Romano employee wrote.

“More than that, it is hard to say right now. Despite plenty of talk about him as an option, in terms of concrete offers or talks, there is not much right now.

A ticking time bomb.

Almost as important as the amount of money we get for Lukaku is the timing of the move. The accounting deadline for this season is on June 30th, so a sae would need to be concluded before that for us to put it in this year’s numbers.

But if what Moretto says is correct, it’s looking desperately unlikely we get an offer we can take seriously before then. It may come down to an interesting dilemma where Chelsea have to choose between a lesser amount early doors, or holding on for later in the summer when they could get more. Savvy teams who know our situation will certainly be playing on that.

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