“Fantastic player” is “learning on the job” – £107m signing defended by former Premier League midfielder

Matt Holland has been speaking about Enzo Fernandez in quotes picked up by the South London Press.

Holland played hundreds of games in central midfield in the Premier League, so he knows exactly what he’s talking about. This is one of the best analysis we’ve seen of the good and bad times of Enzo’s time at Chelsea so far.

“Enzo is a fantastic player. He’s a player who at his age is only going to get better. He’s learning the game, he’s learning the role, he’s learning the Premier League,” Holland said in quotes which built up to today’s FA Cup semi final.

“He’s learning the standard in the Premier League. He’s learning on the job really. But I’ve been impressed with him this season. He’s a terrific talent, there’s no question. At the moment when you look at Chelsea they’re struggling a little bit as well so it makes it more difficult to really impose yourself on matches. If you’re at a team that is top of the league, it’s perhaps a bit easier to have more of an impact if you like,” the former West Ham and Charlton man continued.

Enzo’s tough year

It’s easy to forget given how long and arduous this season has been, but back in the early stages Enzo was having some really great games. As the summer turned to Autumn and we started putting some really poor team performances in, Enzo was the lone shining light at times.

Since then, it’s fair to say that the good and great performances have been fewer and further between. But the talent is clearly there – we’ve seen it as recently as the start of this campaign. We’re a long, long way from losing faith that the midfielder can get it all together with time, as Holland says.

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