Former Blues player says “Chelsea have petulant kids in that dressing room”

One former Chelsea player has claimed that the current crop ‘have petulant kids’ in the dressing room after an incident at Stamford Bridge last night.

Chelsea had an emphatic win, thrashing Everton 6-0 in The Premier League and keeping European qualification dreams more than alive. But their was an incident that occurred that rather tarred this amazing win and took most of the attention away from the actual result and performance from Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

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Cole Palmer has been a flawless penalty taker for Chelsea this season, converting 100% of them. So when Chelsea were awarded a penalty when they were 4-0 up, of course it was going to be Palmer stepping up as usual to convert the penalty, even though he had already bagged his second hat-trick in a row at Stamford Bridge.

However, and it’s not the first time we have seen this happen with Chelsea this season, two other players wanted to take the penalty and they were seen physically fighting to get the ball off Palmer, who fought back to keep the ball. It was truly and utterly embarrassing. It was disgraceful and should never happen at this level.

Former Chelsea player Carlton Cole was like pretty much every other Chelsea fan last night when reacting to it, and he was disgusted to see it.

In words picked up by Chels HQ, Cole said: “It just shows Chelsea have petulant kids in that dressing room. They’re not on the same page, are they? If you are on penalties, you are the taker. Nothing changes that.”

And he’s absolutely spot on. Pochettino even confirmed after the game it is Cole Palmer who is on penalties, so why are they even trying to take it off him? Immaturity is probably the kindest way to put it, but I have some stronger thoughts than that!


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