Four things Mauricio Pochettino “cannot escape being held accountable for” for by owners

Sports writers in general like Mauricio Pochettino and do all they can to make excuses for him. Kieran Gill at the Daily Mail is no exception. But after last night’s 5-0 defeat, he had to take stock of whether the coach is actually doing his part for Chelsea.

He noted four things in particular which Pochettino can be blamed for:

“He cannot escape being held accountable for how Chelsea have crumbled into a steaming pile of price tags. For how the defending was non-existent for the short corner that Ben White scored from. For how Mykhailo Mudryk does not seem to know where to be and when in his system. For how this young team seem to emerge for second halves as if they have been sung a lullaby. For how in a division full of discernible styles of play, it is difficult to see what Chelsea are trying to do.”

To break that down: set pieces, not improving players (Mudryk is just one example), poor starts second halves, lack of identity in play.

It’s devastating but true on all counts. And even the most staunch Pochettino defender will have to admit that there’s been little or no progress in those four areas, which between them add up to the majority of what it is to be a manager.

The fact that, as Gill mentions elsewhere in the article, the players “love” him means nothing if he can’t get them to play at a minimum standard befitting of this club. There are so many completely fair excuses being made for the coach – the injuries, the transfers, the average age of the team. But even with all of those taken into account, we should have seen steady improvement in those 4 crucial areas.

The articles notes that Pochettino will be judged “in the summer.”

Well the summer is only 6 games away now, and if things don’t change now, it may well be curtains for the manager.


  1. 1. I doubt the kind of training in chelsea
    2. I dislike how soft do they play
    3. No curiosity of scoring,, back passes all through
    4. No striker at all Nicholas is a numbered image

  2. Pochettino like manager at school, he is not the right manager for Chelsea, he doesn’t know what to do for Chelsea, pochettino has turned Chelsea into basketball

  3. The manager is useless he could be out by yesterday after the game,I don’t know what is still doing in Chelsea by niw

  4. If Doku of Man city a young lad, played rings round Chelsea in n out, who this Pooch to train being a multi million squad team of players to stand as a Coach ??!

  5. I have been saying it for long this Chelsea coach is not the right coach for Chelsea, look at how he selected his best squad against Arsenal who is on top of his team fighting for the league title. If he continues using that useless defender Badiashile no way for chelsea even come next season, somebody with the ball and doesn’t know what to do with it. Am sorry.

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